Flat 3060 Dark Teak Wall Hung Vanity

Flat 2 drawer dark teak wall hung vanity

Sizes: 24″, 28″, 36″, 43″,49″, 54″, 70″
(Most sizes from 24″ to 70″ can be customized upon request)
Color/Finish: Dark teak (Available in 32 finishes plus any RAL color match for glass glass cabinets and sinks)
Tops: White solid glass, back painted colored glass, or matte acrylic

Acqua Wall Hung Vanity Spec Sheets

Like sculptural masterpieces in a modernist museum, the Armadi Art Acqua Collection showcases an amazing array of inspired designs for today’s bathrooms with its remarkable collection of wall-mounted vanities. The crisp and contemporary series is notable for its modern sophistication as well as its expertly enginereed design that promises practical usability.

Wall-mounted vanities are popular for their space-saving properties, especially in smaller bathrooms where square footage is precious. Within the Acqua collection are three series-Slim, Radius, and Flat-each with its own options for countertops, sinks, mirrors, medicine cabinets and linen cabinets. There are 32 different finishes available, including back painted glass, leather, and wood tones. All cabinets are made of solid aluminum construction and are 100% waterproof. They arrive fully finished with no assembly required and are easily adjusted during installation to the prefered height.

Flat-Cabinet model numbers:
24″ 2 Drawer white cabinet F60-L-3060
28″ 2 Drawer white cabinet F70-L-3060
36″ 2 Drawer dark teak cabinet F90-L-3060
43″ 2 Drawer dark teak cabinet F110-L-3060
49″ 4 Drawer dark teak cabinet F125-L-3060
54″ 4 Drawer dark teak cabinet F138-L-3060
70″ 4 Drawer dark teakcabinet F179-L-3060

Flat-Glass countertop model numbers:

24″ white solid glass W61
28″ white solid glass W71
36″ white solid glass W91
43″ white solid glass W111
49″ white solid glass W126
54″ white solid glass W139

Flat-Matte acrylic countertop model numbers:

24″ white matte acrylic A61
28″ white matte acrylic A71
36″ white matte acrylic A91
43″ white matte acrylic A111
49″ white matte acrylic A126
54″ white matte acrylic A139
70″ white matte acrylic A180

SKU: Flat 3060 Dark Teak